Taste the Tradition 

since 1951

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Serving Newfoundland & Labrador's finest fish and chips for over 60 years.

Our history is part of our tradition.

In 1951, Ches Barbour, with his wife Betty by his side, started a humble fish and chips shop in St. John's, Newfoundland. Rising each morning, he'd steam out the narrows of St. John's harbour in his small fishing boat, catch what he thought would get him through the day, and return to town in time to fillet and cook - opening the doors  for the dinner time crowd and staying open late into the night.

(You can check out a timeline of our history here.)

Through the years, Ches's family grew, and so did the business. Today Ches's is still a family-run business with seven locations in Newfoundland. But at the root of this business are the beliefs Ches practiced as a young man: 

  • treat your staff as your family;

  • your customers as your friends;

  • and, never forget that in Newfoundland, fish is more than a food, it's a staple worthy of the best treatment possible.

We aim each day to combine a tradition of excellence with an atmosphere that says "Welcome Home".

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